To be a WARRIOR, is to fight for what you want, regardless of what life throws at you. To conquer fears, stand for what is right, and to stay strong through it all. A WARRIOR may not always win the battle, but will never be the one to GIVE UP. 

1 in 3 human beings are affected by Chronic Illness all around the world, whether it be diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, autoimmunity, chronic Lyme disease, etc. 

The point of my multi-colored ribbon is to represent ALL chronic illnesses in a way where illness is not separated by color, but deeper looked into as a WHOLE. 

Many chronic illness warriors die everyday to misdiagnosis, mishandling or miseducation about chronic illnesses and weakened immune systems- whether its the wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment, or wrong handling of a patient. 

Many Chronic Illness Warriors get "gaslighted" by conventional medical field, meaning they get often dismissed as "crazy", "lazy", or slapped with a fake label and set prescription for a serious illness someone may be dealing with. 

Whether it's chronic biofilm build up, mold/toxin toxicity, breast implant illness, environmental DNA mutations, stealth pathogenic parasitic infections, THERE IS A CAUSE FOR EVERY EFFECT. 

My merchandise is to represent and help the warriors who want to heal the cause to their awful effect of illness. Whether someone may be dealing with severe depression & anxiety, or someone having gastrointestinal (stomach) problems and just can't figure out why.

I will do everything I can do help fellow warriors go through proper testing and treatment for correct diagnosis of illnesses through Integrative Doctors who can actually treat warriors without being tied to big pharmaceuticals and insurance companies.

Portions of the merchandise donations will be used to put myself through (late stage disseminated chronic Lyme disease and parasitic co-infections) treatment since the CDC, IDSA, influencing insurance companies do NOT cover any testing, treatments, or doctors appointments I need.

The CDC does not acknowledge the cause for any chronic illness, and instead lets the conventional medical system feed from symptoms and prescriptions until a person slowly dies. 

It is the biggest corruption in the world and millions all over the world are fighting for justice. My brand will only represent a small awareness in something that I hope reaches the general public like wild fire one day very soon. 

Making a purchase will not only help a fellow warrior, but standing for justice and a fight for a cure for EVERYONE.